Oncology Center in Poznań

The Polish Order of Malta Volunteers in London was invited in December 2010 to a fundraising concert in Poznań for the Oncology Centre that we have been fundraising for in recent years. The volunteers enjoyed an excellent concert, met the Members of the Order in Poznań and took the opportunity to visit the Oncology Centre.

Oncology Medical Centre Poznan

The existing centre has done tremendous work since it was built in the 1950s. It offers free universal medical services to 5,000 patients annually in oncology, gynaecology, radiology, internal medicine, cardiology, pulmonary medicine, psychiatry, surgery and path morphology. Expert medical volunteers from all over Poland dedicate their time to the centre. Their noble work saves many lives each year. The site on which the centre is built has been a place where the Polish Order of Malta has administered medical care for over eight hundred years but it is now time for the old Medical Centre to give way to a modern building, designed for the 21st century and compliant with European Union regulations.

This is a major fundraising project and we are still a long way from our target but to see the new building under construction was exciting. The foundations sit parallel to the old building. The basement and walls of the ground floor have been erected and were covered in snow. When construction resumes in the spring the second floor will be added.

Poland may be covered in snow in December but it bustles with pre-Christmas excitement. Poznań is a wonderful place to visit with a rich history, a picturesque city square and in December a wonderful Christmas market packed full of artisan stands, traditional food and of course grzane wino.

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